The City of Pineville, Louisiana

A Great Place to Call Home

If You Are The Defendant:

If you decide to contest a case in Pineville City Court, file your answer in writing with the Clerk's Office within the ten (10) day period provided or the plaintiff may receive a default judgment against you. Your answer should be truthful and contain every defense you intent to raise.

Some possible defenses include:

    1. No jurisdiction or improper "venue"
    2. Contributory negligence (negligence on the part of the plaintiff)
    3. Discharge in bankruptcy
    4. Error or mistake
    5. Fraud or illegality on plaintiff's part
    6. Previous compromise or payment of an obligation

If you have a "counterclaim" or "reconventional demand" against the plaintiff, you may include it in your answer. HOWEVER, YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY A DEPOSIT AND COURT COSTS SINCE YOU ARE NOW INSTITUTING A SUIT AGAINST THE OTHER PARTY.

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