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Why We Respond to Medical Emergency Calls

2 Medic Trucks backed up by 3 Engine company's respond to many medical calls for many reasons. If it is a basic life support call, such as a fall or broken arm, the men and women on the Medic Trucks and Engines company's are trained Emergency Medical Technicians and have the skills to manage this type of situation.

If it is a more serious incident calling for Advanced Life Support, such as a cardiac, then Medic Trucks and Engine company's respond for the additional manpower. The more serious the call the more personnel are needed to properly manage the situation . In addition to Medic trucks and Engines, an Advanced Life Support Ambulance is dispatched. City of Pineville has three stations and soon to be four we are able to respond faster than the single ambulance station. If someone is not breathing and does not have a heart beat, the EMS system must place someone on the scene in four to six minutes for that patient to have a chance of resuscitation. So Medic Trucks and Engine companies are dispatched to place trained personnel on the scene as soon as possible on all incidents.

All three Engine Companies in the City are BLS capable, Medic trucks are staffed with a paramedic, they carry the same medical equipment as the Ambulances crews. So they are capable of handling even the most serious cases by themselves.

So the reason Medic Trucks and Engine companies show up on medical scenes to provide the best care possible for the citizens and visitors of Pineville.
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