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Fire Hydrant Testing

Since 1980, the Fire Department has been responsible for the semi-annual inspection and testing of the city's approximately 600 fire hydrants. The department also maintains records on the current condition and water pressure of each hydrant. Please make sure our fire hydrants have a three foot area clear of debris and obstructions. Firefighters may need to get to the hydrant for water supply. An obstruction of fencing, tree branches, bushes, weeds or brush may cause a delay as firefighters try to get water to extinguish a fire. Someone may be injured or killed because water is not available as soon as possible.
A fire hydrant that is leaking, broken, missing caps or malfunctioning should be reported to the Pineville Water Department at (318) 449-5670.

Please don't block our fire hydrant's by parking a vehicle next to it. Vehicles cannot be parked any closer than 15 feet to a fire hydrant from any direction. Remember, your actions may cause a delay in being able to supply water to an emergency that continues to grow until intervention takes place.

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