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After you file suit, the Clerk's Office will prepare a "citation" to be served on the defendant along with a copy of your petition. The citation informs the defendant that he/she has been sued and will have ten (10) calendar days (inclusive of holidays) in which to answer.


If and when the defendant is served, a notice of service card will be mailed to you giving you the date of service, the docket number of your case, and the hearing date, if any scheduled.

If the defendant cannot be located, you will not be able to proceed with your suit without the assistance of an attorney.

If the defendant has been served and has failed to file an answer or other responsive pleadings with the ten (10) days, you must be present in Court for your hearing date indicated on the Small Claim's Docket.

If your claim is filed on the Regular Civil Docket, you must write the Clerk's Office and request that a judgment be rendered.

If your claim is based on an open account, negotiable instrument, or other conventional obligation, and if there is sufficient evidence contained in your pleadings, your personal appearance may not be necessary. In that case, the Judge will review the record and sign a judgment. If not, you will be assigned a date to appear before the Judge and present your witnesses and evidence for confirmation of a "default judgment".

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