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Boil Advisory Guidelines

Boil Water Advisory

General Users of Public Water Supplies

During a boil water advisory:
Do not consume tap water that has not been disinfected, ice or drinks made from tap water that has not been disinfected, or raw foods rinsed with tap water that has not been disinfected. 
Disinfect water by
  • boiling at a rolling boil for 1 minute
Safe alternative sources of potable water include bottled, treated or distilled water.
Sanitize dishes by washing in dishwashing machines that have a dry cycle . Hand-washed dishes should be rinsed for one minute in a dilute bleach solution (1 tablespoon per gallon) and allowed to air dry.
It is okay to wash clothes.
Provide pets with boiled water after it is cooled.
Upon rescinding of a boil water advisory:
  • Flush household pipes/faucets: follow the directions of your water utility (in the newspaper, radio, or television) or, as general guidance, run cold water faucets for 3 minutes each if they have not been used in the last 24 hours.
  • Flush home automatic ice makers: make three batches of ice cubes and discard all three batches.
  • Drain and refill your hot water heater if set at a low temperature (below 113E F).
  • Drain reservoirs in tall buildings. 
  • Flush drinking fountains: run continuously for 3 minutes
  • Flush water coolers: run coolers with direct water connections for 5 minutes

This information was adapted from materials developed by CDC

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