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NonPoint Source Pollution

NonPoint Source Pollution


Nonpoint source pollution, unlike pollution from industrial and sewage treatment plants, come from many sources. Nonpoint source pollution is caused by rain moving over and through the ground. Rainfall carries soil, pesticides, chemicals and other material into our lakes, bayous, streams, and river.

These pollutants include:

  • Excessive herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides from residential areas.
  • Oil, grease, and toxic chemicals from urban areas.
  • Sediment from poorly managed construction sites, agricultural land, and eroding stream banks.
  • Bacteria and nutrients from pet waste, livestock, and faulty septic tanks and package treatment plants.


Maintain Your Vehicles

  • Keep your vehicle working properly. Fix oil leaks and clean up any spills.
  • Dispose of automotive waste, oil and grease, properly. At your local auto store or the City of Alexandria Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day
  • When washing your car,
    • Use commercial facility, which discharges to the City's sanitary sewer.
    • At home, discharge on the grass rather than into the storm drain system.

Manage Your Household Waste

  • Around your home or when walking your pet, pick up pet waste and dispose in the trash.
  • Dispose of solid waste properly. Don't litter.

Practice Responsible Yard Maintenance

  • Avoid over-watering lawns, which causes excessive runoff.
  • Avoid over use of lawn chemicals. No do apply before rain events.
  • Compost organic material by backyard composting. You can purchase a compost bin by contacting Keep Cenla Beautiful at 443-0100.

Manage Your Household Hazardous Waste

  • Purchase only non-toxic products.
  • Dispose of chemicals and containers according to manufacture's instructions.
  • Use the City of Alexandria Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day for proper disposal of chemicals. For more information call 441-6251.

Report Illegal Dumping

  • Report suspicious dumping activities to call 449-5668 or 664-4367.
  • Report any unusual substances coming from storm drain outlets, call 449-5668 or 664-4367.

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